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Magnetism for whom? Why ? 

  • Do you have physical pain? (pain, spasm, digestive disorder, headache, osteo-articular disorder, inflammatory disease)  

  • Do you not feel happy and fulfilled?  (discomfort,  stress, anxiety, fear, depression, problem of concentration, memorization and decision-making)  

  • Do you want to take care of your energy?   (  energy regeneration prevents the disease from being able to spread, the disease does not find favorable ground to evolve)  

  • Are you yearning for spiritual and personal R-evolution?  (The sessions can help to see things more clearly for  finding solutions and understanding who you are  are you and what is your life path  ) 

pour qui


Lever du soleil sur la nature

I came away delighted with this first treatment and coaching session by Laetitia, who is a very welcoming person and who very quickly puts you at ease with her empathy, her enthusiasm and her dynamism. Her explanations are very clear and her gentle and effective care allowed me to feel a real well-being which has continued since... In addition to coaching, I also appreciate the tools to which she gave me access. to allow me to complete the session independently with his advice and videos. It is with pleasure that I will see her again to continue and reinforce what was initiated by this first meeting;))


Qui suis-je
Soin Energétique-Magnétisme-coach | Education en conscience Laetitia Ellem

By my will and my inner strength I managed to have a remission of two disabling diseases in a few months, a revealing step that allowed me to develop and release my power of self-healing and discover my possibilities to retransmit this experience . and my energy in individual or collective support.


On my way I meet Masters from different cultures and traditions who transmitted to me ancestral knowledge of healing which led me to the reflection of awakening: to know where we are to have keys to answers. "

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