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Le magnétisme 

Dessin d'un corps avec les chakras

What is magnetism?


We all have a mineral substance called Magnetite in our bodies.

Some have more than othersthose who discover it can become a magnetizer.

It's like singing or drawing  some sing or draw better than others.

It is not a gift but an extrasensory sense!

Telepathy, mediumship, clairaudience, clairvoyance etc... are  Extrasensory SENSE!

What does the magnetizer do during a  magnetism session?  


  • Magnetism  cranial for stress, confusion, depression, anxiety, withdrawal etc ....

  • Cleaning of harmful energies present in the energy field ( thoughts, personal problem, judgment etc. )

  • Cut the negative links ( any contact or relationship creates a link between you and the person)  

  • Recharges and harmonizes  the chakras ( wheel of energy that captures energy and redistributes it in your body )  

  • Unlocking and recharging energy points  (  certain pains appear because our energy points are blocked or malnourished)

  • Evacuation, Refocusing and  Smoothing  used energies.

Corps avec les significations des chakras et les couleurs

Qu'est ce que le magnétisme ? ​

Que fais le magnétiseur durant une  séance de magnétisme ? ​

Formations rocheuses sur la plage
Corps physique avec les coros énergétique et les chakras

When and why consult a Magnetizer?  


  • Problem  physical (pain, spasm, digestive disorder, headache, osteo-articular disorder)  

  • Trouble  psychological (discomfort,  stress, anxiety, fear, depression, problem of concentration, memorization and decision-making)  

  • Prevention of  sickness (  energy regeneration prevents the disease from being able to spread, the disease does not find favorable ground to evolve)  

  • spiritual and personal development  (The sessions can help to see things more clearly for  finding solutions and understanding who you are  are you and what is your life path  ) 

My tools and tips to improve and increase  your energy 


  • Sound: The Tibetan bowl, Frequency music, Drum  

  • meditation, contemplation,  breathing,  Mindful walking

  • Mantras, positive thoughts, prayer, intentions

  • Eating Alive (the least processed products possible!)

  • Fasting (whether  intermittent or over several days, dry or wet) 

comment les émotions sur notre corps influe
Soin énergétique en nature dans un lieu de nature

Healing energy interacts with all of us in different ways:​

The laying on of hands  

The look
The breath
The presence
The intention
Formations rocheuses sur la plage

Méditation énergie et harmonisation des chakras 

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